Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Introduction

Page CROZILLA, (hereinafter: Crozilla) is owned by Digitalni klik d.o.o (Hereinafter text: DIGITALNI KLIK d.o.o.). While on Crozilla, the listed Terms and Conditions of Use and all applicable legislation. Smatra se da je putem web-crozilla korisnikovu web crozilla upoznati s pravilima i uvjetima korištenja, te će ih redovito čita. Crozilla reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use at any time and without notice. The changes take effect the moment of publication.

Article 2.

2.1. Application and Data Protection

When using crozilla will ensure completeness, truthfulness and accuracy of the information provided by you. Crozilla doing everything to protect the privacy of personal data of advertisers in terms of the protection of personal data, and they will be used only for the purpose of connecting advertisers and users. Using Crozilla agree that the data / information you have submitted are available to all who are interested in the same, in accordance with these Rules and Conditions of Use.

The advertiser agrees that his e-mail address Crozilla used to send notifications about the status of submitted ads, to deliver receipts for any use of advanced services, and in order to send other types of information related to advertising that the advertiser submitted by the advertising. User agrees that such emails may contain advertising messages.

On behalf we are committed to protecting the privacy of all our customers. We collect only essential basic information about customers / users and inform customers on how to use them. We regularly give our customers a choice about how their data, including the decision whether or not to have their name removed from lists used for marketing campaigns. All user information is strictly confidential and are available only where such information necessary to perform the job. All employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the policy.

2.2. Personal details Ad

In accordance with the prohibition and prevention of carrying out unregistered activities, a user who wants to publish a book or advertisement, the advertiser is obliged to specify / provide the following information: name and registered office of the company, OIB, name of the responsible person or the name of the client, the OIB and his permanent or temporary residence. Member for accuracy guarantees legal liability.

According to the Law on the Prohibition and Prevention of carrying unregistered activities prohibited to publish advertisements client if the ad does not deliver that information. Ad submission can not be considered complete if the user (advertiser) when submitting the ad does not deliver all of the above identification data, therefore Crozilla not obliged to publish that advertisement. In that case all costs will be borne by the advertiser. In order to gain the ability to use certain services Crozilla page, the user is required to register and choose a password. User is obliged to take care of the security of their user passwords. Crozilla is not responsible for the possible misuse of passwords.

The user is in registration must specify an active e-mail address. The user undertakes to timely respond to inquiries sent by other users via e-mail or telephone.

Article 3. Copyrights

Data on Crozilla are protected by copyright laws. Copyright pertaining to Send page includes texts, their design, image content and other graphical displays belonging Crozilla and license providers and / or advertisers. The data can be used only in the manner specified in these terms and conditions of use.

By using data for other purposes, as well as copying and distributing data without authorization is against the Copyrights Act and liable to sanctions. Crozilla is exempt from responsibility and / or participation in possible disputes regarding the compromising and protection of the copyright owner to Crozilla.

Article 4. Exclusion from use, compensation

Crozilla reserves the right to ban from the site those users who in any way violate the terms and conditions of use, in any way interfere with the work site or in any way violate the rights of advertisers and users. Crozilla reserves the right to further use of site those users who abuse the information published or in any way used without authorization Send page, especially in terms of:

  • copying the content published on Crozilla and publication in / on some other advertising media
  • and lobbying Crozilla advertisers to advertise on other sites or in other advertising media,
the way to contact them in any way and offering them their services Crozilla, to the exclusion of such users, may require compensation for damages or lost profits.

Article 5. Guarantee

Crozilla not guaranteed:

  • the accuracy, completeness and authenticity of ads or text in them, nor the quality, safety and legality of offered products and services
  • the accuracy, completeness and accuracy of identification information given by the seller
  • jurisdiction of the other party in concluding the agreement, correctness, completeness and accuracy of the personal data of advertisers, which is the same used in the right way in business
  • that the site will not be errors and / or will function without interruption at all times
  • that the third party will legally use the site Crozilla all the time.

Article 6.

6.1. Responsibility

Crozilla, to the maximum allowed by law, exempts itself from any damage, loss or injury which may arise directly or indirectly because of:

  • using the site Crozilla
  • use the page linked from the page Crozilla
  • information on page Crozilla
  • actions taken or not taken in relation to the information on the page Crozilla
  • use, unavailability, inability to use and misuse of the site Crozilla
  • removal or failure to publish ads and content that are not in accordance with the terms and conditions page Crozilla.
Crozilla can not be held liable for any content displayed on those sites which can allow temporary access. Any such access can not be interpreted as being connected with the Send page, nor of such sites by Crozilla. Crozilla may contain links to other sites, but is not responsible for services or products which have been reached by Crozilla. User access to these sites at his own risk.

6.2. Changes

Crozilla reserves the right to change the design, layout, text on the page, as well as changes to terms and conditions of using the site without prior notice.

Article 7. Conditions of buying services

Between the customer and the company DIGITALNI KLIK d.o.o. make the contract of purchase. Before ordering Crozilla service, the customer must accept the terms and conditions of the Internet portal The contract between the customer and the company DIGITALNI KLIK d.o.o lasts from the moment of ordering the service by the customer, or from the time of order entry services based ad portal

More about the conditions of purchase of services on find out the board's advertising advertising.

Article 8. Prices

Prices Crozilla services are set out on pages

 Article 9. Payment

During the online order, Crozilla offers customers new payment options:

  • payment by money order / virman
This method of payment the buyer can pay for any service on It is important to enter the assigned generated number in the "Call for approval" in order to deposit the customer more easily identified. The scope of postal money order / transfer orders to be automatically displayed in the process of payment.

Article 10. Advertisement / Ad

When submitting a listing on Send page you grant Crozilla right to send out information concerning the product. It is strictly forbidden to place advertisements on Crozilla in any other way than that which is highlighted by Crozilla. Crozilla strives to offer its users a quality service which is why reserves the right to edit, change or delete any ads that do not meet this criterion, and in particular in the following cases.

  • when the advertisement is placed in the wrong section
  • when advertising demand
  • when the product, description and / or price in the advertisement is false and / or incomplete
  • when the product and / or advertiser violates copyright and / or other intellectual property rights
  • the product may cause damage and / or in any way infringe the intellectual property rights of another
  • when the product and / or the content of the ad contains discriminatory aspects or under Croatian law inadmissible and prohibited materials
  • when an ad has more products or services
  • once your ad is in any way offensive to Crozilla
  • once your ad is suspicious in terms of advertising stolen or illegal goods
  • when the aim is to promote the ad company, directly or indirectly
  • when the ad in any way impairs the quality of content
  • when an advertiser before submitting the ad has not submitted all identification data specified in the Act on the Prohibition and Prevention of conducting unregistered business
Users posting ads irrevocably give consent to Crozilla advertised content used, reproduced, published, or distributed to any other media or social networks. In this case Crozilla can use a link that leads to the ad posted on this page as the ad content.

Article 11. My Agent

Activation services My Agent customers choose parameters such as the type of property, location or price, and all new ads, search criteria, you will come each day to direct e-mail, or will, in the latter case, contact the real estate agency.

Users of My Agent agree that the information you have submitted while service activation My Agent be temporarily stored and forwarded to the agency in real estate to make them the same could contact (if the users stated that they want to contact them agencies).

Article 12. Cookies

Cookies are information, or text files stored on the user's computer by a website Crozilla. Cookies enable users to view information tailored to the user's needs, and its "recognition" when you revisit the website.

Cookies can store a lot of information, including personally identifiable information, e-mail, the IP address of the user, certain technical data and so on. Internet sites, including Crozilla can get only the information that users themselves indicate. Users can change the settings on your computer and choose whether to allow or deny storage of cookies, you have the option and delete cookies (but in this case may be the termination of a valid work of some of the services and features website Crozilla). The user using the site Crozilla agrees to use cookies in this manner.

Article 13. Comments and complaints

Any comments and complaints, users and advertisers website Crozilla be submitted in writing to the address Digitalni klik d.o.o., Ulica Pere Budmanija 1, Zagreb, as well as via e-mail at or fax +385 1 78 88 355

Article 14. Justiciary

For all claims and disputes that may arise from the use of these materials, it's really competent court in Zagreb.

In Zagreb, 08.06.2014.

These terms and the contents of this website are subject to copyright. DIGITALNI KLIK d.o.o. All rights reserved.