Real estate for rent in Croatia

Real estate for rent

Crozilla offers advices on renting real estate

Numerous citizens who have no settled housing question are in the dilemma whether to buy or rent a house or apartment. Depending on the needs, financial capabilities, wishes and other factors, both options may be a good choice.

Renting a property has its advantages before buying. One of the basic advantages is that it is financially less demanding. Tenants most often allocate less money for the monthly rent than for the real estate loan installments if they are buying. Savings are also reflected in other fields, so renters are most often "relieved" of large-scale real estate deals such as roof leaks, carpentry changes, flooring or sanitation - which is most often the property owner's obligation.
Crozilla provides you with the properties you can rent, the advantages or disadvantages of renting real estate, and many other information on renting houses and flats.

Which types of real estate for rent are most often considered?

There are various types of real estate that can be rented, most often apartments, houses and rooms.


Flats are rented far more often than other types of real estate. On the website can be found apartments in all sizes - from small studios to spacious flats with lots of rooms where entire families can live.
Flats can be rented all over the city, but the choice of location for rent depends on the individual requirements and needs of each individual tenant. Students will then be looking for rental apartments near student homes or faculties. To others, priority will be given to the proximity of the workplace, while those who are eager for nature and peace will rent their homes on the periphery or out of the city.

We can distinguish several types of rental apartments:

  • Duplex apartment
  • Penthouse
  • The basement apartment
  • Loft
  • Studio
  • An apartment


Although, according to, apartments are more often rented than homes, there are many reasons for their hiring, such as the need for a larger living space, as well as the realization that many can’t buy a house because it is still outside their financial framework.

There are several types of houses that can be distinguished, Crozilla brings some of them:

  • Family houses
  • Houses in a row
  • Double object
  • Bungalow


Renting a room is also one of the rental options. Rooms are usually rented by those who temporarily stay in a place or city. Rooms are often rented by students, but in this case it is important that they are located near student homes or student restaurants.

Rental contract

In the lease agreement it is necessary to define all the obligations and rights of the lessor and the lessee: from the area and the price of the lease of the property that is the subject of the contract, up to the manner of payment of the monthly rent and bills. It is also desirable to define the obligations of both contracting parties regarding the payment of certain costs, the cancellation period, and the obligations of both parties when the lessee leaves the property (eg cleaning, repairs etc.).

Crozilla recommends that on the day of the real estate takeover, a written record is to be considered as an integral part of the contract, listing all the existing defects or damages with which the property was taken over.