Land Homer, Lokve, 8.880m2

80.000 €
~ 593.850 kn
9,01 €
8880 m2

51316 Primorsko-goranska : Lokve : Homer

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Building plots
80.000 €
9,01 €
8880 m2


We have for sale a plot of land with a total area of ​​8,880 m2, of which 7,895 m2 does not enter the construction zone, while 985 m2 is in the construction zone.
The price is 7,895 m2 × 5 eur and 985 m2 × 40 eur, the terrain is located about 150 m from the lake dam, next to the paved road and extends over the hill to the other side next to the other road. There is a fir and beech forest in the field.
The terrain is located in a beautiful position that provides peace and quiet, and is ideal for nature lovers.

*** General remarks ***
A tour of the real estate is possible only with a signed brokerage agreement, which is the basis for further actions related to the sale and for the collection of commission, all in accordance with the Real Estate Brokerage Act.
Agency PREMIUM NEKRETNINE as an authorized Real Estate Broker, for the mediation service at the time of concluding the Preliminary Agreement or the Agreement:
- Purchases from the BUYER and from the SELLER charges an intermediary fee in the amount of 3% + VAT of the CONTRACTED PURCHASE PRICE - o Lease from the LESSEE and the LESSOR charges one contracted monthly rent
At each inspection of the property, the potential buyer / tenant is obliged to sign a brokerage agreement
You can find more about the conditions of mediation on our website
For all questions, please contact this agent directly by calling +385 98 215 367 or by asking the ad link. In addition to Croatian, we can communicate in English, German, Russian or Italian :-)

ID CODE: 693

Samir-Sven Raković, mag. oec.
Voditelj ureda i vlasnik obrta
Mob: +385 98 215 367
Tel: +385 51 271 600

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