Tourist Estate with 10 accommodation units, Rovinjsko selo, 2.82

850.000 €
~ 6.309.652 kn
301 €
2825 m2

Sv. Antona
52210 Istarska : Rovinj : Rovinj

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850.000 €
301 €
2825 m2
2825 m2


Tourist property with 10 accommodation units, Rovinjsko selo, 2.825m2

The estate or Rovinj oasis is located 6 km from the city of Rovinj, which is one of the most famous tourist destinations for many lovers of gastronomy and the Mediterranean way of life. The village of Rovinj records an increase in the number of overnight stays and is a recognizable tourist destination.

The complex consists of an Istrian villa, a house inside the bunk, there are 2 apartments and a studio apartment, 6 bungalows, a swimming pool with a sunny part, 2 auxiliary facilities and the land consists of a green area. The Istrian villa consists of 5 fully furnished and air-conditioned rooms, one of which has benefits as a living room, dining room with kitchen and 5 bathrooms, with a total of 8 people. The villa has central heating and can be used all year round. The house is designed in 2 apartments and a studio apartment, the apartments are fully equipped and consist of rooms, living room with dining area and bathroom, while one has a terrace. The apartments have a capacity of 2 people (4 in total). Studio apartment is an open concept, consists of spacious rooms with balcony and bathroom, capacity 2 + 1 persons. Bungalows, 6 of which each contains two bedrooms, living room, bathroom and kitchen with an individual capacity of 4 people, (24 total). The bungalows are designed so that each one has its own terrace and garden. The barbecue area is located in a shared garden near the pool (5.5m x 10.5m) and sunny places where it is located and added. The house has additional auxiliary facilities, 2 beds if possible in additional accommodation units. A great advantage of the complex is the land that is used as a green area with a promenade and landscaped surroundings and Mediterranean gardens.

There is a possibility of taking over the entire business.

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