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Stone houses

Real estate portal sells numerous stone houses. Most often it is about the old ones that are located in places by the sea, in the interior of Istria or Dalmatian hinterland.

Old stone house

What kind of stone house to buy?

There are many potential buyers thinking about buying stone houses. Before starting the quest for the ideal one you should decide on the condition and age of the property you prefer buying. As with other types of real estate, as well as stone houses - it is possible to buy a new or old one, and both options may have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Stone houses are very desired and trendy in these times, and according to the portal statistics there is a big demand for them on the market from foreign and domestic buyers. Regardless whether they are old and in bad shape or those of recent construction, customers should bear in mind that they have to count on high costs.
Newer or renovated stone houses usually have a high starting price, while old-stone houses need additional adaptation costs.

The sale of old stone houses not always take come at low prices. They are often located in good locations - in old city centers around the coast or in many picturesque places in the interior of Istria and Dalmatia, so sometimes their price van be very high, despite a possible poor condition.

It is not uncommon for old stone houses to sell at low price, but in this case you should count on the additional costs needed for adaptation and decoration. Despite the amounts needed for buying and decorating stone houses, it is worth noting that a well-decorated old stone house which meets the criteria of aesthetics and functionality, can reach very high amounts of money.

Newer stone houses are most often a combination of traditional and contemporary architecture. On, such houses are mostly sold on the coast or inland, and besides being accompanied by a combination of modern and rustic design, they come in a "package" with a landscaped garden and swimming pool.

Stone house as an investment

Stone houses are still very popular types of real estate. Apart from vacationing or living, buyers often buy them to make money. It is not uncommon for many people to buy old stone houses in a very poor condition. But after redecorating them, their value can sometimes be multiplied. In that case, there are two options: to sell it (and earn money in this way) or rent it to tourists.

Many tourists, especially foreigners, prefer to stay in rustic traditional stone houses which have a special atmosphere, and since such stone houses are not found on every place (such as classic apartments or other tourist facilities for rent), their rental rates are usually higher than the average.

Selling renovated stone houses can also be financially viable. Old stone houses, especially those in attractive locations, after extensive adaptation can benefit much on their value. Therefore, it is not uncommon for owners to sell them after they have been renovated to earn that extra money.