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Before starting any purchase or lease of a business space, it is first necessary to decide on a number of factors that may affect the business activites that will take place in a particular business space.

There are many offices that are sold or rented through the real estate portal, but almost every one of them differs with some of the features that customers can be decisive when it comes to realizing sales or leases.

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Prices of offices and clinics

Selling and leasing prices of offices and clinics depend on factors such as location, property condition, equipment, real estate market situation, as well as a number of other factors specific to a particular business.

Location of offices and clinics for sale or rent

For offices and clinics, as with the most of other types of business premises, location is an important factor. In most cases it is very important that they are located in a specific part of the city. A large number of offices are located in business zones in the wider city center, what is of great importance for many, because depending on the type of business, such location can greatly facilitate business.

Sale and rental of equipped business premises

The website is advertising numerous fully equipped offices or clinics for sale or rent, and spaces like that are very often located in buildings intended for business purposes.

Selling and renting already furnished and equipped offices usually costs more than in case when business premises are empty. But in that case buyers or lessees count on saving time and money they would lose by furnishing such a business space.

When it comes to clinic sales, it is not uncommon for them to be sold already fully equipped for work, especially dental clinics whose equipment is very specific.

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How to find suitable offices and clinics for sale?

On the website you can find a large number of offices and clinics available for sale and rent. In order for potential buyers to find their ideal real estate, they can sort ads by a variety of criteria.

  • Sale or rent - a listing of offices and clinics advertised on the website can be filtered whether they are for sale or rent.
  • Location - on the site you can filter objects by location. Users can choose the desired county, place, city or part of a city where they want to check the offer of advertised offices and clinics.
  • Parking places - The offer of this category can be filtered according to the number of parking places that come with the office or clinic.
  • Property type - portal Crozilla offers the possibility to choose a type of facility and you can choose from office/clinic, surgery and studio.
  • Equipment - Offices and clinics also differ in the equipment that comes in the "package". On the website, you can filter ads by type of equipment, and they can be filtered toward equipment such as alarm, telephone or Internet connection, computer network, air conditioner and security door.
  • Furniture - Users can filter the ads listing according to the furnishing, and according to this criterion can only choose to display the ones that are set, not unfurnished or semi-furnished.
  • Location - on the portal, you can filter your results according to the location or the type of object where the office is located: a house, residential building or business center.