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How to find a hotel for rent or sale?

When purchasing or renting a hotel, at first it is necessary to decide on budget. Define the maximum amount of money that can be paid for such an investment - similar to other types of real estate, but the value of the most hotels is often higher, and sometimes they are worth millions.

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Potential buyers which are reviewing the offer of advertised hotels on the site have the option of filtering ads according to criteria such as price, area, location, purpose (rent or sale). The list of hotels can be filtered to the desired level and through criteria such as hotel amenities (bar, pool, garage, conference hall, elevator, parking spaces, laundry, terrace or garden) and equipment per room (balcony, terrace, Internet, jacuzzi , bathtub, shower, air conditioning, mini-bar, telephone, TV).

Advertising a hotel for sale or rent

The hotels for sale are often advertised in newspapers or on numerous internet portals + real estate such as the portal. However, they are most often sold through real estate agencies that know the market and are in touch with a large number of buyers that could be interested for such real estates.

Through the portal it is possible to announce hotels for sale or rent, and the advertiser can get a lot of information about the hotel. With basic information such as price, location, surface, the user has the ability to specify the number of rooms, floors and parking spaces and other similar information such as furniture, property status, quality of equipment and documentation.

Among other features, portal advertisers can also provide the location of a hotel (house, building, detached object, residential, business or residential-office building) as well as rooms equipment (whether they have a balcony, terrace, Internet, jacuzzi, air conditioning, mini-bar, telephone, shower or TV) and everything else the hotel has (bar, pool, lift, conference hall, laundry, garage, parking spaces, terrace or garden).

Hotel value determined by numerous criteria

There are many small hotels on the market as well as bigger hotel complexes, among which you can choose and find good investment opportunities, but since large amounts of money are needed when purchasing such real estate, a rent is a more common solution than buying.

Hotel location

Hotels and hotel complexes are mostly located in good locations, primarily on the seaside or in city centers - mainly in attractive tourist locations which can attract tourists. If they are located by the sea, they usually have their own beaches that are decorated. Hotels, apart from the sun and the sea, provide many additional amenties and activites to their guests.

Hotel offer

Numerous hotels and hotel complexes are also distinguished by the offer they are able to offer to their guests. While the first one are holding on the basic offer of accommodation and food offer, others can offer various entertainment facilities such as swimming pools, private beaches, disco clubs, cafes, shops and the similar services.

Real estate condition

On the market there are hotels for different purposes and categories, new, renovated or decrepit and those requiring additional corrections or complete renovation - all these are factors that affect the price of the sale or rental of the hotel.