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Living in your own apartment - advantages and disadvantages

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Resolving housing issues by buying your own apartment is many people‘s priority. Through the website, many sellers are advertising apartments for sale, and the rubric “Apartments for sale” is the most popular.

Living in your own or rented apartment is a dilemma for many people, and both options have their own disadvantages and advantages. Crozilla brings you some of them.

Advantages of buying your own apartment:

  • In the city centers there is a larger choice of apartments than houses for sale
  • After purchasing, the apartment can be rented
  • There is no fear of rising monthly rental prices in your own apartment
  • Owning apartment is an ideal investment for retirement - pensioners in their own apartment do not have to pay a monthly rent, so they can use the pension for other expenses
  • The apartment remains inherited by the offspring or heirs.

Despite all the advantages, there is also the other side of medal. When buying your own apartment you should also count on the following:

  • Since apartment owners are responsible for renovating and repairs, before buying an apartment, all property deficiencies should be considered in order to provide future owners with subsequent repairs.
    Apart from the apartment itself, it would be worth checking out the condition of the whole object, since the renovation of some damages cannot be financed from the “building reserves”, but the cost has to be paid by the tenants
  • to people who are prone to frequent changes in the living environment or workplace, buying an apartment could only be a burden, since after their relocation the apartment would remain empty

Buying your own apartment usually requires a large waiver and giving up a large sum of money at the very start, but this is part of the cost that you need to pay for living in your own home.

Tips for visiting the apartment for purchase

Once you find the appropriate apartment you would like to live in, it's time to check it out live. Many sellers in their ads show their apartments for sale in much better light than they really are.

No matter of whether you decide to buy a new apartment or buy one in older building - additional renovation investments are possible in both cases. Website brings a few tips on which, among other things, you should pay attention to

Since you are planning to live in it, you need to enjoy the object and its surroundings, but it is also important to pay attention to possible additional costs of renovating the apartment or renovating the property. Even the exterior of the building can give you a quick preview of possible additional invesments, and it can say enough about the quality of the apartment you are looking at..

Buy and rent

Check for the deficiencies

When visiting the apartment which you are planning to buy, check for water damage (due to poor installations), check if there is moisture and mildew on the walls and ceilings. Make sure that radiators or faucets in the bathroom are working, and doors and windows are easy to open and close.

Invite an assessor

If you are seriously interested in buying a particular apartment, it would be good if you could take a detail view of the whole building from basement to roof in the company of an expert assessor. When buying an apartment, you may also need to co-finance some of the funds for the possible costs of the entire building, such as repairing a staircase, yard or roof - if these costs cannot be funded from the building reserves.

Check the records of the tenant's sessions

If you have the opportunity, you can also view the records or notes of the tenant's sessions from the building, since with these documents you would be able to gain insight into some of the defects of the building.

If you buy an apartment in the attic, pay special attention to the condition of the roof, to make sure it does not leak. The same thing is with the condition of the carpentry.

Check the noise source

Crozilla advises you to pay attention to a source of noise, such as a road, a railing or a nightclub under the window, or loud neighbors. I would be good to talk to the rest of tenants in the building, as they know best the advantages and disadvantages of the object.

How the view from the apartment look’s like

Make sure the apartment has a balcony, and check if your view might be hidden from the other buildings.
It is best to arrange a tour of the apartment during the day when most of the disadvantages of the building and the apartment are more visible than at night, but arrange another tour in the evening too.