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Purchase and sale of construction land - to pay attention

Many people dream about life in a home tailored to their own wishes and ideas. Depending on the opportunities and needs of the investor, there are many options for building a real estate: a detached house, a double object or a row house. Similarly, when purchasing a home that is under construction, the buyer already has the opportunity to fix spacing issues, interior design, or material selection for construction based on your own wishes. In any case, before any decision on real estate construction, building land is the first thing to think about. All of those who decide to build their own real estate must first find an ideal building plot where it is possible to build a house or flats as desired.

Sales and price of building plots

Sales and price of building plots

When purchasing construction land, location is usually the most important criterion. There is a big difference in purchasing it in the city center or in the periphery. Many buyers choose real estate locations according to other criteria such as proximity to a job, shop, doctor or public transport, but they also often look at the source of noise nearby. There are many factors that affect the price of construction land, and before land purchase, you should borne in mind that the price will most often depend on factors such as location, infrastructure, and proprietary documentation.


It is known that properties at good locations are more expensive than those in remoted and isolated or inaccessible locations. The highest cost of construction land is in attractive locations such as those close to the sea, city centers and similar locations.


Improper, flawed or invalid documentation is the problem of lots of building plots on the market and obtaining of necessary permission’s and documentation, for example, proof of ownership, can sometimes be tedious and long-lasting. It is not uncommon for building land that does not have the necessary paperwork are selling at significantly lower prices than those with valid and neat documentation. But on the other hand, the sale of building plots with neat documentation provides security to buyers, and many of them will be able to make a quicker and easier decision to purchase that kind of land.


Ideally, the building plot has all the necessary connections for water, electricity, sewage, gas. There are many places in Croatia that still do not have a fully build infrastructure, and construction of these connections can be expensive and can take a while.