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Meadows, olive groves, arable lands, pastures, forests, vineyards, orchards, abandoned land - find the land you are looking for on the realestate portal!

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Just a few years ago, before the arrival of the "Information Age", the print media and radio stations were the main sources of information on the agricultural land which was being sold. However, today's "on-the-spot" advertising is still working, in a way of placing the "Land for sale" inscription with the phone number! But there is still a more effective way of advertising land - specialized internet portals and search engines are full of agricultural lands for sale and even for rental.

Many agricultural lands, meadows, olive groves, orchards, vineyards and other lands have been advertised on the portal and can be filtered according to a number of criteria so that potential buyers find the one that matches their criteria.

Oranice on the Crozilla real estate portal

Users can sort land by price, location, area, but also if the ad is for sale or rent. Among the types of land’s it is possible to choose from the following: meadow, olive groves, oranges, pastures, forests, vineyards, orchards, abandoned land and others. It is also possible to filter by infrastructure (partial, complete or nonexistent), and according to the owner's documentation.

Potential buyers can also search using the mobile application of the portal on a specific location and custom search criteria.