Privacy policy


The privacy of Crozilla's users is extremely important to us, and for that reason we do all we can to ensure the protection of your personal information. We require certain personal information so that we can offer you our advertising services: sending inquiries to advertisers, registering on Crozilla,sharing ads you found with your friends via e-mail or on social networks, or if you like to get in touch with us. We do not store your personal information without your consent, unless they are essential for system security. What data we store for system security you can find described below. Our personal data may be forwarded to the authorities if there is a need for that or if we receive a request from the authorities for your data.

What personal data does collect?

We collect from all visitors of their IP addres, browser name, version and the URL they accesed. We need this data to secure our servers, site and monitor our systems for any possibility of an attack on our infrastructure. The data is saved on our servers and is not shared with anyone. We store the this data as long as we need to secure our infrastructure.

With whom we share your data

We dont share your data with anyone. If we need to share your data with anyone so we can deliver our services to you we will ask for your consent.


If you want to be a registered user on we need your E-Mail address, username and a password. The E-Mail address you entered we use only to send you password reset and confirmation E-Mails. You also need to accept our Terms of usage.

Personal data of advertisers.

If you want to advertise your estate on, Croatian law requires us that we collect and store your personal data: firstname, lastname, residential address and your tax number. This data we will use to generate your receipt for ordered services. The advertiser is required by Croatian law to enter their actual and valid data. In case you pay using your credit card we will forward your personal data to our Card payment processor T-Com Payway, and Croatian tax administration office using SOLO service. We also require you to confirm our Terms of usage. ovdje.
Your entered personal data will not be visible to visitors and other users on If you want to show your contact data on you can set the options in your user account. If you dont show your contact data visitors and potential buyers can contact you using the contact form on your estate page.

Service ordering

You can pay for services on using a payment slip, Internet banking or credit card. If you pay using payment slip or Internet banking your personal data does not leave
In case of payment with credit card we need to send your personal data to our payment processing service T-Com Payway, and to our tax administration office(required by Croatian LAW) using the "SOLO" service( Crozilla does not collect, save, or process your credit card number.

Sending inquiries to advertisers

When you send and inquiry to an advertiser, data entered in the contact form is stored on Crozilla servers and forwarded as an E-mail to the advertiser. We store the data on our servers for statistical reports and use the entered data to protect our advertisers from SPAM and other malicious messages. The advertiser receives in the E-mail your name, E-mail address and message you entered.

Sharing of ads

We offer a function that allows you to share the estate ad URL to social network or to someone you want using E-Mail messaging. When you send an E-Mail message we store the entered data on our server and forward it via E-Mail to the desired receiver. We store the data for security purposes to limit SPAM and other malicious messages. If you share to a social network we open in a new window the social network.

Zendesk chat

We use Zendesk chat widget from Zendesk Inc. for customer support. When you use this feature data you enter is saved on Zendesk servers for a limited time. If the widget is offline we require you to enter an name end an E-Mail address so we have a way to answer to your question when we get back online.

Contact form

If you have any question for us you can contact us using a web form. We store this data temporary on our server and forward it to the choosen department. Data entered is used only for the purpose of sending you an answer to your question. We dont use the entered data for anything else and we delete it as soon as possible.

Cookies requires cookies to function. We also use cookies for Google Analytics and advertising. You can find out more on our cookie policy page cookie policy page.

Google Analytics uses Google Analytics (Google Inc.) for performance monitoring of our site. We use the collected data to optimize our site. Google Analytics cookies can collect data about your visit. We configured ip anonymisation. If you want to deacivate GoogleAnalytics you can find out how on this page.

Google Adsense i Remarketing

We use Google Adsense and Remarketing. Services are used for advertising of on the Internet. When you visit our site Google save a cookie so they know what personalized ads to show you. If you want to find our more about Google peronalized ads, and how to turn if of please click here.

Social networks and plugins

Crozilla has basic social networks installed. We use them so you can (if you want) share the found estates on your social network. The plugins are deactivated by default. If you click on share to a social network the plugin activates and you can share the URL to your estate of interest.


We at send out newsletters: news from the estate market, report about the state of the market and prices, new features and services on If you want to receive this newsletter you need to register for it. We dont send out any newsletter if we dont have your consent.

Transfer of estates to other portals

One of our basic services is transfering of ads available on to Internet sites,, You can also pay extra to send your ads to the site The transfer contains all the data you entered in your ad, pictures and your E-mail address. Other personal data is sent only if you allow it. We need to send your E-mail address so you can receive inquiries from visitors of those sites. In case that you do not want that we send your estate to this sites, or there is an error in your data, please contact us on this E-mail address


Your data will be deleted when you request deletion of data, when the data is no longer needed for delivery of the service or the period in which we store the data has expired. Certain data can’t be deleted because we wouldn’t be able to fulfill the legal obligations of the Republic of Croatia. To delete your personal information, you can at any time request a written request to mail or by post to the address of Digitalni klik d.o.o., Ulica Pere Budmanija 1, 10000 Zagreb


On our site we offer various services that require the entry of your personal information. These services are included:
- Housing loan offers
- Refinancing housing loans offers
- Real estate value assessing
- Business real estate offers

The volume of requested data depends on the type of service. By submitting your query, the entered data will be sent to the listed bidders / institutions that will handle the requested requirements and contact you.
The legal basis for data processing is Article 6 - 1b of the EU General Data Protection Law "Processing Lawfulness". All fields marked as mandatory are required for the implementation of the contracted service. If the required information is not provided, the contracted service can not be executed. The delivery of all other data is voluntary.


You have the right to request that we change your personal data. If you want that we change your personal data you can send us a request using e-mail to Some data we cannot change we wouldn’t be able to fulfill the legal obligations of the Republic of Croatia.


On your request we will send you all the personal information that web site Crozilla has about you. You have the right to request correction and deletion if the laws of the Republic of Croatia so permit. Insights into your personal information Crozilla has about you can ask at any time at the following e-mail: or by mail at the Digitalni klik d.o.o., Ulica kneza Branimira 24, 10040 Zagreb.


Crozilla reserves the right to make changes to the Privacy Statement at any time by posting the revised text on We'll edit the change on the page and notify all visitors and users.


Complaints, objections and requests related to personal information on the website Crozilla may be submitted in writing to the Digitalni klik d.o.o. Ulica kneza Branimira 24, 10040 Zagreb, as well as via e-mail at